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Accounting & Finance Salary Guide

Are you building your accounting and finance team in 2023? This finance salary guide was designed to help you with benchmarking and resource planning.

Employee compensation can have a big impact on talent acquisition, retention, and ultimately overall company performance. While company culture, perks and benefits, and work-life balance play a huge role in attracting and retaining accounting and finance talent, fair compensation is a big piece of that puzzle. As Canada’s top finance and accounting recruiters, we talk to and place hundreds of CPA/CA candidates a year. We spend time understanding their salary expectations and also help them benchmark those against what we know is happening in various industries. This allows us to help clients and job seekers make good hiring decisions and we’re sharing that insight with you. We analyzed data from our top-placed finance and accounting roles from the past year and compiled this accounting and finance salary guide. What’s inside? 1. Low, high, and average accounting and finance salaries for top roles ranging from finance analyst to CFO and everything in between. 2. Current and targeted base salaries from actual candidates. They shared what they’re looking for and we’re sharing it with you. What will compensation scales look like heading into 2023? Based on market trends and 2022’s salary data, we anticipate that salaries will increase between 2-5% in 2023. However, many companies are re-examining growth trajectories, so compensation scales will remain stagnant in less strategic roles. It is also predicted that, with steady company growth across varying industries, the rapid pace of hiring for finance and accounting roles will continue into the new year, despite layoffs in other functions.



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