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find your dream role with Finlink Group

Business Team

Whatever your situation, connect now with Finlink for a free career consultation and you will get:

  1. A list of jobs available that meet your needs.

  2. Instant notifications and alerts of new jobs that match your needs + expertise and skill set.

  3. Confirmed interviews each week.

  4. Complete and current competitive salary information.

  5. A direct pipeline to all the top companies in the GTA area. We meet with these companies at least every month.

  6. A personalized report with career recommendations based on your interests and requirements.

"At Finlink Group we make finding you a job that fits your needs a top priority."

Want to Be A Finlink Candidate?

What you won’t get from us is email spam or phone calls pushing jobs you do not want. We are your partners in success and would never look to waste your time.  

For inquiries, feel free to reach us at 416-639-2412 Or 416-639-2412. Interested in a free consultation? Email your  CV/Resume to Today !

For Accounting & Payroll Professionals who are actively looking for a job or those seeking career advancement in the future. Finlink Group has options favored for you.

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