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Welcome to Finlink Group, where exceptional talent meets unparalleled opportunities.

Discover the power of our specialized expertise in connecting businesses with top-tier talent. Whether you're seeking financial wizards, payroll maestros, or accounting virtuosos, we have the proven track record and unrivaled network to deliver exceptional candidates.

Join forces with Finlink Group, your gateway to excellence in Accounting & Payroll recruitment. Gain a competitive edge in the talent market and elevate you to extraordinary heights. Let us make the difference in shaping your success story.

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Why Us ?

We are hyper-focused on in intricate positions such as finance, accounting, payroll, HRIS. We employ a systematic approach and cutting-edge technology to enhance decision-making and diminish hiring prejudice.


Welcome to Finlink Group, Canada's leading Accounting & Payroll recruitment firm serving the Greater Toronto Area as well with the rest of Canada. As industry leaders, we excel in identifying and securing high-performing Accounting, Finance and Payroll professionals across diverse sectors, enabling businesses to thrive.

Drawing from our extensive background in corporate Accounting and Finance at renowned large and medium-sized organizations in Canada, we are not just recruiters but also CPAs at heart. Our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service/value to our esteemed clients and candidates is what drives the culture at Finlink Group.

Our overarching mission is to establish a world-class service/platform that empowers clients to acquire the exceptional talent they need for exponential growth/ business needs. Every endeavor we undertake is guided by the sole purpose of benefiting both our candidates and clients with tailored service.

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Businesses in the GTA area that are looking to grow and are struggling to hire the right Accounting/ Finance & Payroll talent consistently because:​

  •  Adverts and internal are not working.​

  • They do not have an inbound system to nurture passive talent.​

  • They cannot find and retain good + qualified talent.

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We help you get a highly skilled Accounting & Payroll Professional into your business in a timely & seamless way; so you can win more business!

  • Target: We engage with passive candidates using our unique Inbound Marketing Platform.

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At Finlink Group, we develop very specific inbound marketing & robust candidate acquisition strategies.

  •  We engage in the Passive talent market using our brand and knowledge where candidates:

  • Accurate Candidate acquisition strategies using a mix of human know-how & technology.



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  •  Specialist: We have a team of CPAs & Payroll Professionals that are knowledgeable in these industries.

  • Strategic: We spend time with you and plan a hiring strategy that best caters to your needs and success. 

  • Our Word: We never give our word to ourselves or anybody else unless it is absolutely certain.

Interview Selection


Candidate Sourcing


Candidate Assessment I & II


Interview Selection




After completing both candidate assessment steps. You must select the Top 3 of the Top 5 candidates presented based on the scoring matrix system.

Finlink Group Recruitment Process is Better

Quality Sourcing & Screening done by CPA who understands your work

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Mitigate bias and precisely evaluate candidates using our distinguished 7-step hiring process. Utilize scorecards for cultural fit, technical accounting skills, and Excel assessments to ensure candidates align with your requirements


Select individuals who will excel in your organization through our signature process. Benefit from our end-end support throughout the entire hiring cycle, from initiation to completion and competitive guarantee periods.


Tax Income Reports

Manager level through to the Director of Tax, we know every niche within the world of tax.


VP level through to Head of Tax, our process and network are unmatched.

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Firm Search

A recruiting process for firms that work—and no, we don’t believe in retainers for firm


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Happy Finlink Group Clients & Candidates

- Muhammad

My experience with Finlink has been no less than amazing. I connected with Sam who was super helpful and cordial throughout the process. He maintained great communication throughout the process (something seldom done by recruiters today) and even made sure he attended the Zoom interviews for the first minute to ensure that everyone was able to connect properly and broke the ice for us. This last bit was a really nice touch since he made sure to take out time to do this at every interview, despite his other commitments.


The Finlink Guarantee

At Finlink Group, we back our unwavering confidence in our recruitment process with concrete actions, hence our exceptional guarantee periods. We believe in delivering results that surpass expectations, which is why we diligently conduct due diligence prior to any placement. Our meticulous approach ensures that our placements not only succeed but also endure far longer than those facilitated by other search firms. For this reason we offer the industry leading no-questions-asked guarantee. We offer from 4-6 month guarantee periods no questions asked to solidify our commitment to client satisfaction and the long-term success of each placement.

Passive Approach first

Unlike other recruiting firms that rely on job postings only. We adopt a different approach at Finlink Group. We understand that your recruitment needs require a tailored solution rather than a generic database search. That's why we prioritize a passive recruitment strategy that goes beyond the limitations of job boards. Our role here is to compliment internal hiring efforts not replace. We refuse to engage in practices that offer ineffective results, especially within the hard to fill roles. Instead, we invest our time and expertise in personalized candidate searches, ensuring that we find the perfect fit for your organization. Our commitment lies in delivering results that address your unique recruitment needs, setting us apart from the rest.

Candidate Scoring Matrix

Through our signature 7 steps hiring process we use a advanced scoring matrix for each candidate. We delve into intricate details to create a comprehensive profile for each candidate. This in-depth understanding enables us to provide clients with a complete picture, including their goals, strengths, weaknesses, and more. Armed with this comprehensive knowledge, our clients can engage in more meaningful conversations and confidently make the right selection—the first time. Our commitment to employing the best scoring matrix approach ensures that you have access to the most accurate and valuable insights UPFRONT, facilitating successful hiring decisions from the outset.

Placement Ratio

We take pride in maintaining one of the industry's lowest interview to placement ratios. This translates into valuable time savings for you, as you won't have to waste precious resources meeting candidates who aren't the right fit. Our meticulous screening and selection process ensures that only the most qualified and compatible candidates are presented to you. With our efficient approach, you can be confident that you'll meet candidates who meet your criteria and align with your company's needs. Say goodbye to meeting the wrong candidates and rest assured that when you're ready to make an offer, it will be with complete confidence.

Uncover Needs

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Take-Charge Recruiting

At Finlink Group, we take a proactive approach to talent acquisition by actively engaging in headhunting efforts. Rather than passively waiting for individuals to apply, we harness our expertise and industry network to identify and approach top-tier accounting professionals. Through our assertive recruitment strategies, we seize the initiative and seek out exceptional candidates who possess the precise skill sets and expertise our clients require. By taking charge of the recruitment process, we ensure a comprehensive pool of outstanding talent, enabling us to connect our clients with the most suitable candidates for their organizational needs.


Over the phone or online

+1 416-639-2412

2233 Argentia Road, Suite 302 Mississauga, ON L5N 2X7

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